St. Joseph's Year 2 – Mrs Brett and Mrs Sheath

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Budgeting for a holiday ,


Daniel and Audrey organised a holiday for a family of four in West Wittering. They spent a total of £ 160.90. They decided to stay in bed and breakfast. This includes a castle visit, a visit to the theme park and of course the beach! They budgeted for ice creams and buckets and spades.

Using our IPads


imageHere we are using our I Pads to create information books about Safari animals.

Still working hard …..

In Year 2 we are still working really hard to reach our targets and do our best. We are really looking forward to sports day and our visit to Chester Zoo. We need to remember to bring sun hats,apply sun cream before school and bring water bottles so that we can all stay safe and learn as much as we can!

Protected: Measuring, measuring, measuring!

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Water Is Precious


my RE

Mrs sheath told us about her treasures then some of the children

in my class shared some of the children in my class shared their treasures.

I liked my treasure box because at the front of it is very colorful

i was fun making this if we get to take this home i will show my parents.

I am very proud of this work mrs sheath and mrs brett!

Treasures box

We made little Treasures boxes we had fun making the little boxes my box wasn’t stuck very well I like my little box I used lots of colours on my little box i used red green yellow pink and blue the last color is orange.

my treasure box

I like making our treasure boxes because we

all  did some thing.And we all had  lots and lots of

fun.And we brought  a  treasure to school and miss Wilson

took a photo  and put it on  RE display so that everyone  could see it.

And we colored our boxes in  first and then cut them out.

treasure box

My treasure box is very colorful  but i did not get to finish it.

My treasure box

I liked my treasure box because  it  was fun making  the  treasure box we had fun looking at peoples treasure there was lots of people   had lots of fun in school.